• Pricing & Payment
    Q: Are there any hidden fees?
    A. Absolutely not. We are upfront with ALL prices (see our our pricing page for details). We do ask for an initial 3-month commitment to get you up and running, however you will not pay a penny more during this period.
    Q. Is support completely free?
    A. We provide unlimited remote support for all customers from 9am to 5pm. Outside of these hours we have a message service and will do our very best to respond during this time.
    Q. Do I get a discount if I pay upfront for a year?
    A: Yes, we offer a 10% discount when you commit for 12 months. Any additional licenses purchased in this period will be charged at full price (pro-rata) to the current 12-month period.
    Q: How can I pay?
    A: We accept all major debit/credit cards. A direct debit option is coming soon.
  • Technology & Support
    Q. Is Journease web-based?
    A. Yes. It is a cloud-based product that runs in a virtualised window (Remote Application). Use Journease from any PC by simply downloading the Remote Application utility.
    Q. Can I run Journease on an iPad or Mac?
    A. Yes. For Mac OSX and iPads, simply download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store.
    Q: What does the free demo involve?
    A: We’ll arrange a suitable time for a remote Journease demonstration session. It’s a very relaxed and open discussion in which we’ll cover many topics and answer as many questions as possible. The session usually lasts an hour.
    Q: What does the customer login give me access to?
    A: You’ll be able to register, set up and manage Web Booking and Mobile add-ons to your Journease service. You’ll also be able to access all historical invoices.
    Q: Is Journease Windows 10 Compatible?
    A: Yes, Journease is a Remote App hosted in the cloud and therefore has no issues running from a Windows 10 PC.